Get the right service at the right time for the right price


Get the right service at the right time for the right price


Feel safe with every transaction on our encrypted portal


Health Record management

Take control of your history to control your future

We are constantly changing our doctors, insurance plans, medications etc. based on our needs. It becomes very challenging to keep tabs and remember all the details of our health history. Having access to our medical records will help us take control of our health. But this access can sometimes be cumbersome. 

Our goal is to shift the control of access to your health records into your hands for better efficacy. It is time to own your medical history.You can now collect, compile and upload all your medical data in one place on our secure portal for access at your fingertips for viewing and sharing…

Affordable Labs & Imaging & Prescription medicines

A stitch in time saves nine

We all need blood work or some kind of imaging periodically to know if you have any problem with your health or for regular maintenance of good health. It is becoming prohibitively expensive to pay for these tests. Because of that reason we either postpone or completely avoid getting these tests.

To prevent that scenario and ending up spending more and getting into a serious situation, and to make these tests more affordable, we negotiated better prices. Now you can enjoy those bargain prices and practice prevention or early detection.


Get the right care at your convenience

We all know the inconvenience and the high costs involved in the amount of time we waste waiting for a doctor’s appointment or waiting long  hours at the doctor’s office. It’s time to take to telemedicine.

You can now take advantage of our telemedicine platform with experienced  board-certified doctors to save you time and money. We provide a platform for remote access of quality healthcare services  from a convenient  place of your choice. Our goal is to provide better affordability, accessibility and convenience.


Charting the right health insurance

We all know that buying an insurance can be confusing and overwhelming because of the lack of transparency and visibility. Our focus is to help with your Insurance planning to chart the correct course to help you on you healthcare journey. 

We can help our members to explore with several options of alternative insurance plans that are affordable, by doing a thorough market search. 

We can’t provide our own insurance plans because we are not an insurance company.

Concierge Services

Take control of your time

We can provide you with tailored solutions to your healthcare needs and concerns. 

Let our concierge desk take care of your needs with:

  • making appointments for doctor’s visits or for any tests, 
  • any reminders for your upcoming doctor’s visits or upcoming tests,
  • any help with uploading or sharing your health information,
  • any information about a medicine or a new procedure,
  • any guidance with your health insurance or financial needs for health care.

Encompassing All Accessible Exclusive Health Portal

We offer you a platform to shop and invest in affordable wellness.